Although I have a fairly good educational background, there are things that I cannot comprehend.

For instance:

• How and where from did the massive stones of the Great Pyramid of Giza come to be at that monument?

• When technology was non-existent, how was the Great Wall of China built?

• How does it make sense to spend billions of dollars on rockets to the moon and Mars to bring back rocks?

• How can a person abide by social distancing yet not wear a mask?

• How can anyone with a conscience vote for Donald Trump in November when every time he opens his mouth he becomes more shameful of the office?

People who don’t like Joe Biden should either not vote or vote for a write-in. Trump’s indiscretions should be enough to sway voters in a different direction.

Heaven knows, with all the issues this nation faces, a change is necessary.

George Ferguson, Sabattus